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Meet the owners - Howard and Carolie Andrew

Hi, my name is Howard Andrew. My wife, Carolie, and I run Ramblers' Rest. We have been providing hostel accommodation for backpackers, travellers, and ramblers on working holidays since 2007. Our hostel has a unique atmosphere that will make you feel like you're at home away from home. 

Howard Carolie

International Inspiration.


Both Carolie and I have diverse international backgrounds and a love for travel and meeting people from all cultures. I grew up in the USA but travelled the world and lived in various locations throughout Europe as a child. When I was 17 I left on a grand adventure to South Africa to study Veterinary Science where I met Carolie's family. Less than a decade later we were married and raising our children in Zimbabwe. In 1994 we emigrated to the distant and beautiful shores of New Zealand with our four children where we have put our roots down in Ashburton. 

We understand what it's like for travellers who have come half way around the world, and we love helping you feel like you're at a home away from home, sharing in your journey and giving you some great memories of New Zealand to take home with you.

Regional Ramblers.


When we first arrived in New Zealand we took the time to get to know our new home. In 1995 we travelled around the South Island in Maui campervans, and ever since then we've been adding to our domestic travel logbooks. Please ask us all about the best spots to see - believe it or not there are even a few gems in the Mid Canterbury district!

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